Underwritten deals

Participate in underwritten deals and earn premiums from 1%

Bondkick breaks the wall, built by banks and other global financial institutions, limiting retail investors from participating in the loan market on a professional level. With us, anyone can participate in syndicated loan and real estate deals.

An underwritten deal by Bondkick means a full commitment to fund a loan or real estate via syndicating it to retail investors. Bondkick offers access to carefully prequalified high-quality and leveraged corporate borrowers from the whole of Europe. Plain-vanilla and exotic funding rounds starting from €15,000 with a possibility to subscribe loans or invest in real estate via deeds.

Bondkick arranges two types of underwriting agreements, offering complete and partial underwriting. It shares the loan amount to sub-underwriters at the maximum annual interest rate accepted by the borrower and that is suitable for the lenders. Bondkick pays 1.5% premium for complete underwriting agreements and 1% premium for partial underwriting agreements. The premium is paid regardless of the auction result.

Underwriting requirements

Having an active agreement to lend to businesses automatically

Bondkick offers an ability to lend on behalf of the investor based on the estabished lending terms. In order to sign up for this free service, the investor needs to access the Bondkick online portal and sign the Customer Agreement before then setting up their personal requirements in the "Roboinvest" tool to allow Bondkick to lend on their behalf.

Signing up to the underwriting option

The underwriting option allows Bondkick to use Investor's funds to place bids on auctions at the highest possible interest rate that the borrower confirms willingness to pay, without assuring the investor that its bid will succeed. Bondkick underwrites the minimum amount of the loan to be funded, 75% or higher, as preselected by the borrower. Underwriting requires an auction-based funding round, which lasts for two calendar weeks. The goal of the auction is to fund the loan at the lowest possible annual interest rate.

Keeping the active balance above €500

Bondkick opens a separate billing account for every customer. Customers may add and withdraw funds to and from their accounts at any time. Participation in loan underwriting requires a minimum amount of €500.

Loan structure

As the arranger of the loan, Bondkick syndicates the loan and becomes the lender and bears the roles of the collateral agent, collection agent and supervisor. Every investor authorises Bondkick to act on its behalf in order to place lending orders between the borrower and the lender. Every loan arranged by Bondkick is split into loan parts, shared among all lenders that placed bids. Every loan part is tradeable among Bondkick customers.

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