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Make your business plans and invest like never before.


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Smart investing

Only pre-screened investment opportunities and maximum data for your analysis.

Access worldwide

We accept investors and loans from everywhere upon successful KYC.

Pay for result only

We charge only success fees and keep it totally free for investors.

What does prevent you from earning more?


Business needs better access to money & the Money seeks growth. These two should be made easy.

A classical creditor leaves an SME uncovered under rain and offers an umbrella in a sunny day. Banks and other creditors don’t wish to understand the business model: most niche, custom and slightly riskier projects are passed over. No single toolbox for an enterprise unlimited by borders. Investors decision making is limited to using a pro intermediary.

  • Traditional finance fails in innovation & special needs
  • Too complicated for SMEs and masses
  • Deep fragmentation problem in alternative financing
  • No cross-border finance


One access point to full-featured alternative financing for everyone. High-yield returns for weighted risks.

Bondkick brings a single platform for every business seeking for funding and everyone else to earn from the great returns, internationally. No limits, no stress, no expensive over-spending. Pay for result only.

  • Friendly and intuitive
  • Supported and self-driven
  • Limitless access for everyone
  • Single toolbox for every business need
  • Available internationally

Do you know that you can accelerate your smart capital?

Business loans

Every business needs an alternative source of financing. This is what we give to enterprises from Europe using an annuity or bullet loans. Imaging every company would be able to issue bonds and go public; this is how it works in Bondkick. Funded by people and professional investors across the globe, covered by covenants and collaterals, business can now succeed easier!

It works. Your money is under control.

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