Invest in cosmetics wholesale business growth and earn +21% p.a.

Invest in cosmetics wholesale business growth and earn +21% p.a.

Scope of the investment opportunity

  1. Glow, one of the most famous Estonian and Lithuanian cosmetics retailers is seeking for investments to acquire Baltic and Finnish cosmetic wholesale businesses. The offering is a mezzanine (convertible) loan, covered by the shares of three enterprises.
  2. Glow expansion is planned through three steps: 1st step is to cover Baltic wholesale business in October 2017, 2nd step is the acquisition of the Finnish wholesale business in December 2017 and the 3rd step is to refinance the stocks by the spring 2018.
  3. The Baltic wholesale business EBITDA of the 2016 was €84k (24%) with the turnover of €353k. For the first 6 months of the current year, the EBITDA was €50k (22%) and the turnover was €232k.
  4. Glow business group joint EBITDA of the 2016 was €65k and the turnover was €800k. After the first business iteration, Glow business group joint profit will raise up to €150k and the turnover will raise over €1,15M.
  5. The complete due diligence of the entity being acquired was made by Estonian law firm Reinmaa & Partnerid.

Investment plan

I round II round III round
Funding required 481 000 € 700 000 € 600 000 €
APR 21% 21% 20%
Beginning of the term 10.2017 12.2017 03.2018
Loan term 48 Mo. 48 Mo. 24 Mo.
Purpose Acquisition of the Baltic cosmetics warehouse Acquisition of the Finnish cosmetics stocks and trademarks Refinancing of the working capital and stocks
Value of the business being acquired 350 000 € 650 000 € 600 000 €
Valuation model EBIT x 4.2 EBIT x 4.2 Net Value
Source of financing Bondkick Bondkick Bondkick
Return (EXIT) Once a month (amortised), firths three month net interest w/out principal. Once a month (amortised). Once a month (amortised).
Source of return financing From the current and acquired EBITDA, jointly. From the current and acquired EBITDA, jointly. From the current and acquired EBITDA, jointly.

More information

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Current status

Funding required: €481,500.00
Backed by investors: €383,600.00 (79%)
Minimum investment: €100.00

How to invest
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