Bondkick Syndicate

We're happy to introduce the new form of hedged investing in assets, covered by smart contracts - Liquid and tradeable from day one of issue. Supported by 0x Index.

Bondkick has been operating in corporate lending for over a year and has helped to raise €1.5m+ from investors from Estonia, Baltic and Nordic countries. Our proprietary debtor vulnerability detection mechanisms have been highly valued by both private investors and commercial banks. The Bondkick Platform, in continuous development since 2014, has adopted most requests by borrowers across Europe.

Bondkick Syndicate has been developed to solve the main problem faced by most retail investors – access to faster and higher returns from intelligently diversified placements. Having been developed for years, Bondkick opens direct access to the demand for this resource to Bondkick Syndicate investors, enabling them to diversify their portfolios by applying a joint investment model.

Bondkick Bond ICO

Bondkick Bond is a smart contract (an Ethereum ERC20 standard token, also recognised as a cryptocurrency or digital coin), issued to replace the classic illiquid investment paper. The name "Bondkick Bond" stands for a solid binding contract, backed by assets. Every Bondkick Bond, issued by the Bondkick Syndicate, represents a value in euro-currency, being jointly invested in an asset, according to the Bondkick Syndicate investment plan.

The short-code of the Bondkick Bond is XBK. XBK is issued on the ethereum blockchain and may be kept on any external ethereum account, as well as on the integrated account in Bondkick.

The nominal value of the Bondkick Bond at ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is €100.00. The subsequent value of the Bondkick Bond is based on the yield produced by the Bondkick Syndicate and is recalculated daily.

Bondkick Bond Details

Bondkick Bond tokens will run on the ethereum blockchain according to the ERC20 standard. For ease of use, the initial allocation of the Bondkick Bond tokens will be made internally and only accessible through the Bondkick portal. Every investor is then able to move the Bonds to any other ethereum account outside of Bondkick or check the balance of their account via an external balance checking tool at any time after allocation.

Bondkick Bond tokens will be transferable soon after issue. The first exchange to operate Bondkick Bond tokens to most cryptocurrencies and most popular fiat currencies will be on the Bondkick platform at the beginning of 2018. Following the growth of interest in Bondkick Bonds, we will be cooperating with other third-party exchanges to open trading facilities to other operators.

The value of the Bondkick Bond is tied to the euro currency. The fraction length of the Bondkick Bond token is hundred-thousandths.

Technical information

Contract Name
Bondkick Bond
Total Supply
24 999 XBK (2499900000 units)

How to participate in the ICO

Investing in the Bondkick Syndicate at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage means subscribing to Bondkick Bond tokens. The face value of a bond today is €100.00 and there are only 24,999 bonds available for subscription during the ICO.

In order to participate in the Bondkick Syndicate during the ICO stage, investors must pay €100.00 for every bond they subscribe using either the money in their billing accounts in Bondkick (login here) or their Visa\MasterCard (commission free).

After the subscription, the total amount of your Bondkick Bond tokens will be available on the Bondkick Syndicate page in the portal. You can keep the Bondkick Bond tokens in Bondkick (recommended) or transfer them to your personal Wallet outside of Bondkick at any time (transfer cost may apply, see price-list for details). There is no limit on further transfers of ownership of Bondkick Bond tokens. Bondkick investors may transfer their Bondkick Bond tokens to their personal or corporate wallets in Bondkick any time free of charge.