Bondkick Syndicate

Multi-Asset Investment Fund

About Bondkick Syndicate

Bondkick is an established European business debt broker and fund manager, aiming to revolutionise securitisation of the traditional assets (loans and debentures, private and commercial real estate or equity shares) via digital transformation on the blockchain. During the iterated Tokenised Assets Offering (TAO)*, Bondkick allows investors to participate in the modern multi-asset investment fund and benefit from the growing value of its tokenised shares (“Bondkick Bonds”, Ethereum ERC20 standard tokens issued by Bondkick Syndicate, short-code: XBK).

*TOA stands for Tokenised Asset Offering, an equivalent of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) used for investing in assets rather than equity.

The name value of the XBK is 100,00€. The further value of the tokenised share is based on the yield being produced by the Bondkick Syndicate and recalculated daily.

Investment Strategy

Investment objectives

The objectives of the Bondkick Syndicate are to:

  1. create and maintain a mix-investment portfolio, based on short-term and long-term investments in equity, fixed income, real estate and other derivatives;
  2. keep the annual net asset value up to 15%;
  3. make the Bondkick Syndicate tokenised share liquid at any time.

The Investment objective of the Bondkick Syndicate and predefined investment choices are programmed into Artificial Intelligence module, leading the work of the Bondkick Syndicate.

Investment choice

The Bondkick Syndicate investment strategy may include, but not limited to all or one of the following:

  1. lending to enterprises with and without collaterals and/or management guarantees both long- and short-term;
  2. direct residential, industrial and commercial property investment for buy to let or flipping plans;
  3. fixed income financial products investment (including both secured and unsecured high-yield commercial and sovereign bonds;
  4. buying third-party debts or real property investments;
  5. buying new and/or leading cryptocurrencies and/or CFD-s as riskier to maintain more aggressive investment portfolio parts;
  6. any other investment that the Bondkick Syndicate may feel prudent to achieve the investment objective.

In formulating this strategy Bondkick Syndicate considers relevant features of the various investments in accordance with both the Syndicate objectives and appropriate legislation. In drafting this investment strategy, Bondkick Syndicate has taken into account all of the circumstances of the Syndicate, including:

  1. the risks and likely return associated with each investment;
  2. the range and diversity of investments held by the Bondkick Syndicate;
  3. any risks coming from limited diversification;
  4. the liquidity of the Bondkick Syndicate investments; and
  5. the ability of the Bondkick Syndicate to meet its existing and prospective liabilities such as buying out some of the fund shares held by its investors.


The policies adopted by the Bondkick Syndicate in order to achieve these objectives are:

  1. Regular monitoring of the performance of the Bondkick Syndicate investments, the overall investment mix and the expected cash flow requirements of the Bondkick Syndicate;
  2. Re-balancing the Bondkick Syndicate investment portfolio due to changes in market conditions through asset sales and new investments as appropriate.

Bondick Syndicate will aim to follow the investment strategy, however, it will at all times reserve the right to change the investment mix depending on the market situation and opportunities available to better meet the objectives of the syndicate.

Risk profile and risk tolerance

The Bondkick Syndicate is a long-time horizon oriented, while allowing both short and medium goals. It maintains rather conservative profile, allocating up to 25% of its portfolio to debt instruments and real estate; however, 25% of the portfolio is placed to faster increase the future income and raise the value of the asset. Lead by the Artificial Intelligence in the robo-invest environment, Bondkick Syndicate risk tolerance is in conform with market changes.

Asset allocation

The targeted asset allocation will recognise the need to have a diversified asset mix, however, given the long-term investment horizon of the members, the allocation will have a strong growth asset bias and be focused on maximising capital growth.

The Bondkick Syndicate recognises the higher risk in investing predominantly in growth assets and the volatility associated with shares and property. The volatility will be compensated by the prospect of achieving higher returns and growth in the longer term. In order to minimise this risk Bondkick Syndicate will consider investing in different industries and sectors where possible.

The final targeted asset allocation will be in the following ranges*:

Growth Assets Long term Medium term Short term
High-yield unsecured lending with APR over 12% p.a. 15% 10% 7%
Unsecured high-yield bonds from recognised European enterprises 4% 5% 8%
MBO financing with 100% equity as collateral 1% 5% 3%
Well-recognised volatile cryptocurrencies and/or their CFD-s 3% 4% 6%
Third-party debts at up to 1/3 value 2% 1% 1%
Defensive Assets Long term Medium term Short term
Secured lending with LTV<60% 40% 45% 61%
Real estate for buy to let or flipping with a 1-2 year forecast for 5-9% capital growth 20% 25% 10%
New cryptocurrencies (IPO) 5% 3% 1%
Secured commercial bonds and unsecured sovereign bonds 10% 2% 3%

*Long term range stands for investment up to 10 years, medium range for up to 5 years and short term for investments up to 1 calendar year.

Technical information

Contract Name
Bondkick Bond
Total Supply
24 999 XBK (2499900000 units)

Risk Scale

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Recommended minimum investment horizon: 3 years

Fund performance

XBK NAV: 100.00 EUR
YTD: 0.00%


Bondkick Syndicate fund shares (XBK) are issued and traded in the Blockchain. Bondkick offers the easiest way to access the market and exchange XBK to fiat or crypto currency. Click here to access the Exchange. Click here to access the Exchange.

How it works

Bondkick Syndicate fund offers an opportunity to earn a yield up to 15% p.a. by investing funds in different assets (such as loans, debt, real estate and cryptocurrency). As an investor, you will own a share of the fund and be able to trade it online at Bondkick Exchange and other third-party exchanges.

Bondkick Syndicate has been offering its shares less than its nominal value (at discount up to -10%). Later, Bondkick has added its own cryptocurrency portfolio index and handed over its yield to the fund, that made the XBK NAV to be 100.00 EUR.

Starting from the 1st of March, Bondkick will close issuing the fund shares at the nominal value. XBK NAV will be fixed on the 28th of February.

How to invest

Bondkick Syndicate fund tokenised asset offering ended on the 28th of February, 2018. If you wish to invest in Bondkick Syndicate, login here and open Bondkick Exchange.