Hedge funds

One-stop shop of alternative funds from the whole of Europe. Great opportunity to scale your hedged portfolio via the safe, secure and transparent processing platform run by Bondkick.

Private equity

A special marketplace for investors with high risk tolerance for trading companies with limited available information and limited regulatory oversight.

Real estate

Easy-to-access, geographically diversified portfolio of high quality private and commercial assets including: offices, shopping centres, industrial and apartment buildings, etc. Land development, buy to let, flipping and other projects.

Digital assets

Modern, yet powerful, portfolio based on the Blockchain ecosystem of proven and newly issued cryptocurrency, platform, utility, brand and security tokens. Purchased directly or managed through Bondkick managed crypto funds.


Quick and easy access to multiple international p2p, p2b and crowdfunding borrowing campaigns. Lending to businesses around the world without any restrictions. Value-added loan units trading on the secondary market.


Access a refined portfolio of traditional factoring and modern invoice financing opportunities from the whole of Europe. Participation in auctions to lend money against the amounts due from customers.