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Business loans

Every business needs an alternative source of financing. This is what we give to enterprises from Europe using the annuity or bullet loans. Imagine every company would be able to issue bonds alike loans and go public with no stress and no hassle - all in one place over internet... This is how it works in Bondkick. Lent by people and professional investors across the globe, covered by covenants and collaterals, every business can now succeed easier!


We have access to a great volume of apartments, offices, family and rental houses in different countries. Every day we pre-screen and filter a few hundred estates with nicely high yields. Investors may select one or many, invest into co-ownership of an estate and Bondkick will buy and let it. And in a year or so, Bondkick will sell the asset and earn investors some good extra! Or, if the market won't be ready yet, will continue letting it to sell further.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is a funding option for businesses that need cash to fill single or multiple customer orders or get its environment pre-financed whilst being imported from abroad. Bondkick has a list of leasing partners to re-finance the long-term leasing contracts and provides shorter-term financing via annuity loans by itself.


Every asset must have an early exit opportunity. Via sales, redemption, rearranging or anything else. OTC market to be reborn. Bondkick is going to arrange the secondary market for all types of assets being issued both via Bondkick and its partners; both for real estate, loans, leasing contracts, etc. No vendor-locking anymore!

The Platform

Bondkick is a great platform to create full-featured business financial products and bring them to the masses. We’re happy to integrate any new product and bring it to the masses in almost no time!