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Minimum amount is 15 000 €
Minimum loan term is 1 month, maximum loan term is 60 months.

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Loan structure

As the arranger of the loan, Bondkick syndicates the loan and becomes the lender and bears the roles of the collaterals agent, the collection agent and the supervisor. Every investor authorises Bondkick to act on its behalf in order to place lending orders between the borrower and the lender. Every loan arranged by Bondkick is split into loan parts, shared among all lenders placed the bids. Every loan part is tradable among the customers of Bondkick.

Minimum requirements
  1. The borrower is a commercial entity, registered in the European Union.
  2. The management board is represented by private individuals, registered in Europe.
  3. None of the private individuals represented or otherwise connected to the borrower is bankrupt or has positive insolvency probability.
  4. The loan amount is 15 000 € or higher.