Investment funds with capital from €100,000.00

Approaching a bank, VC or government is never easy. In most cases, the business plan is rather complex and doesn’t fit a big institution criteria. With Bondkick, you can set up your own investment vehicle and access both professional and retail capital following your terms. The minimum capital of a fund starts at €100,000.00 or an equivalent in crypto currency.

Your business plan and leadership

Do you have access to a positive cash flow? Or a progressive development project? Bondkick can set up an investment vehicle and help you find investors to capitalise your business plan. Raising capital has never been so flexible - a combination of lending, equity partnership or running an international portfolio is just a start.

Funds in fiat and crypto currencies

Bondkick supports open thinking and compliments it with a list of modern financial instruments. With us, you can set up an investment fund in Euros or other fiat currency, as well as in BTC, ETH, NEO or any other available crypto currency. The units of Bondkick funds are stored in a digitised, decentralised public ledger (Ethereum blockchain) and may be used for complex transactions.

Earn up to 90% of the performance fee

Every business model aims to create a great yield. Such a yield may be earned as dividends, an annual profit or a premium. Your Bondkick investment fund will work under your leadership and charge an incentive fee for fund performance. Depending on the complexity of your business plan, Bondkick shares the revenue of the incentive fee from 10% to 40%.