Working with capital distributors

Bondkick recognises capital distributors as brokers of crowdfunding, tokenised asset offerings, asset managers of hedge funds, debt and invoice intermediaries, etc. We work with different platforms and allocate funds by representing our investors, so acting as a sole investor; at the same time, we list the applications (loans, hedge funds, invoice auctions, etc) on Bondkick Market and collect capital to be forward-invested on the distributors' sites.

Bondkick accepts business and selective private loan applications and contracts, tokenised alternative investment funds and company shares, invoices for sale (factoring) and tokenised real estate.

Bondkick helps to reduce cost and time to market for distributed applications and shares the revenue from the profit earned by investors.

In order to receive capital from Bondkick investors, a capital distributor has A) to register on Bondkick and pass the KYC and AML verification; B) accept Bondkick as investor on its own platform with 'pay-at-successful-funding' term; and C) list the applications seeking funding on Bondkick (manually or via API).

When an application for capital has been listed and found the interest of the investors, the capital is being proposed automatically on the distributor's environment. Once the minimum funds get allocated on the distributor's side, Bondkick will close the fundraising listing on its Market and makes a transfer to the distributor.

After the investment is made, the distributor will have only one investor - the Bondkick - and the investors of Bondkick will receive units of the investment as transferable tokens ready to be traded on the Bondkick Market.

Yes, Bondkick lists both hedge and mutual funds for ongoing fundraising and further trade.

Yes and No, Bondkick lists only non-utility tokens related Initial Coin Offerings, referred to as Tokenised Asset Offerings.

Yes, Bondkick lists private and commercial real estate both in Europe and outside EU. The real estate may be listed after initial tokenisation (through a dedicated fund) or proposed directly to one of our managed real estate funds.

There is no special list of restrictions for listing on Bondkick Market, however we can reject or cancel any offering or listing that fails to comply the general terms of Bondkick or such real estate fails to get enough supervision by Bondkick.