Trading of assets

Bondkick provides a Market service and offers trading of tokens and debt claims. All the fund units (tokenised) and distributed debt units (as claims or shares), originated by Bondkick are offered for secondary market automatically; we also invite third-party tokenised assets owners (supported standards are ERC-20 and NEP5) to trade their equity tokens on Bondkick Market.

Bondkick requires the following conditions to be met by an asset to be accepted on the Primary or Secondary Market: A) an asset should be transferred to a customer wallet located on Bondkick; B) an asset must be legally validated (third-party tokens have to be supported by legal documentation, pass the KYC and AML checks).

Every asset, located in the customer's wallet on the Bondkick platform, can be proposed for public or private trade. To be traded privately, the owner of the asset fills the Bondkick account number of the buyer and proposes it for a price; the buyer will receive an offer to buy the asset at the price proposed and pay for it with either fiat or crypto money, located in its wallet in Bondkick. To be traded publicly, an asset is proposed at a price, but without stating a buyer. Public assets are listed on Bondkick Market with maximum background information until cleared by a seller or purchased.

Transactions are subject to a fee paid via a discount given by the seller to Bondkick, acting as an intermediary. See Bondkick price-list for discount rate.

The regular asset is a real estate, company shares or similar equity, registered fund units, debt claims - any asset that has a real value in the non-blockchain environment.

Crypto asset is a virtual asset, referring to a cryptocurrency (like BTC, ETH, NEO, etc.) or a tokenised asset (equity or securities). A cryptocurrency may be backed by a regular assets or kept completely virtual; a tokenised asset is always backed by a regular asset (via different forms) and may be referred to as a virtual equivalent or a token that has no extrinsic or exploitable meaning or value other than a reference (i.e. identifier) that maps back to the regular asset through a tokenisation system (powered by Bondkick).

Bondkick supports cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, NEO and fiat currencies EUR and USD. For tailored funds, we can provide support also for the other currencies.