Buy to let or flip from 100 €

Investing into real estate just became easier. Bondkick has an access to thousands of apartments and offices around the globe, every day we select a list of the most interesting ones with an opportunity to invest into real estate in order to earn great returns from letting or selling.

Choose your estate, analyse and invest from 100 € and Bondkick will buy, rebuild, prepare and let the estate, then sell it and earn for you. In the meanwhile, we'll also add up to 50% of the purchasing price to leverage your yield.

Flipping made easy

Bondkick observes the market and shares the knowledge with its investors. We find interesting revenue-generating assets that could be resold quickly and offer it for our investors. Bondkick will buy, fix, rebuild and sell the estate for profit, generating you high and quick returns.

Leveraging your yields

Higher profit requires more investments. Not necessarily! Bondkick helps its investors to get higher returns without locking too much - we add up to 50% of the initial investment volume made by all investors as a loan and let you benefit from selling or renting out a high-value asset.