Best-effort syndication

Lend to businesses and be part of the best-effort syndicate

Bondkick extends the list of investment options to retail investors by opening access to the OTC market.

Best-effort syndication by Bondkick means funding without a firm commitment, arranged via an auction. Lenders are granted access to pre-approved high- quality and leveraged corporate borrowers from the whole of Europe. Convertible or investing loans and cash-flow credit funding rounds starting from €15,000 with the possibility to underwrite loans or invest in real estate via deeds.

Lending requirements

Signing up as an investor

Investing via Bondkick requires a fully validated customer and signing the customer agreement. A free, easy and fast process is available through the Bondkick online platform and takes almost no time to complete.

Having a positive balance, €100 minimum

Bondkick opens a separate billing account for every customer. Customers may pay in and withdraw funds to and from their accounts at any time. Bidding on an auction requires at least €100 to be paid into the investor's billing account.

Loan structure

As the arranger of the loan, Bondkick syndicates the loan and becomes the lender and bears the roles of the collateral agent, collection agent and supervisor. Every investor authorises Bondkick to act on its behalf in order to place lending orders between the borrower and the lender. Every loan arranged by Bondkick is split into loan parts, shared among all lenders that placed bids. Every loan part is tradeable among Bondkick customers.

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