Bondkick - blockchain investment funds manager and syndicated capital distributor

We help businesses access global funding via distributing equity and assets on blockchain as tokenised asset offering. No expensive proprietary utility tokens, we apply Ethereum for regulatory compliant market making.

Bondkick is a recognised financial technology company, started in Estonia in 2014. Having grown from an online debt issuing service, we serve as a global hub for crowdfunding, p2p, TAO and invoice financing projects as well as hedge fund distributor and asset manager for risk tolerant investors.

Our listing offer is suitable for any partner-distributor that operates in Europe and would like to access investors globally. Pack your investment opportunities and transfer them online manually or via our API – Listing on Bondkick is free. Indeed, we pay premiums for high-quality volume.

Our asset management approach is dedicated to retail and professional investors. Bondkick grants access to the listed investment opportunities directly and via managed investment funds, registered and operated within the European Union. Every investment offering by an investor will be made on their behalf by Bondkick, meaning less KYC & AML paperwork for them and improving post-investment control and support.